I don’t fit in anywhere. Specifically, clothing sections in stores. I’m finding it more and more complicated to shop for myself because all the clothes in the “Juniors” section are a bit too “not work friendly” but clothes in “Women’s” are a little to “frumpy mom”. So where do I buy clothes?

When pregnant, you shop the maternity for the most part. Or just find something that you already own that will suffice until the little bundle is born and you’re back in your favorite clothes.

I’m lost.

I’m at the in-between age of clothes. Too old for “Juniors” and too young for “Women’s”. Even Old Navy is beginning to bother me. In the past, I could easily hit Old Navy and find 10 things I wanted. Now, maybe just a pair of pants and a top.

I actually do a lot of online shopping for clothes. I can sort by the item I want (shirt, pants or jeans) as well as sort by size. It’s the trying on part and feeling the fabric I miss out on.

So, am I the only one who feels stuck between “Juniors” and “Women’s”? Got any great stores or suggestions? Because, I need some new clothes!


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