21 Months

You surprised us with lots of words this month! I guess all we had to do was ask if you could say something. Because you can!

(us: Show us your teeth! you: TEEEEEETH!)

Done, eat, bee (ha!), bath, more, beer (sounds like he’s from Boston), bike (more like biiiee but not to be confused with bye-bye), whoa, moon, and yum. Scully is just an Szzz sound with a giggle.

(Epic face)

You’re really quick to learn new signs too. Home, leaf, strawberry, night-night, tree and the most adorable sign you do yet, baby. It’s so sweet when you sign ‘baby’. We’ll go through a list of words and ask you the sign. You first make the sound, then the sign. You’re a little sponge!

You have a fake laugh. HA HA HA AAHHHHH. You start laughing when other people are laughing. You totally get that from me.

You’re a good singer. You know the theme to Thomas the Tank Engine and will sing it in your bed at night and whenever we ask. We never showed you how, but you somehow figured out that microphones are for singing. You love to dance when music is on and when we ask you to roll over, you do a few circles and then roll to the ground. We ask Scully to do it first, but you want to do it too. (You don’t get a treat, though.)


Not many can say their kid wants to brush teeth, but you’ll ask to brush as well as ask for medicine, both with made up signs (finger on the teeth for brush and finger in the mouth for meds – no idea how I figured that one out!).

We got your hair cut and now you look like a BIG little boy! It’s almost too short! But you still look really cute.

Poor Szzzzz.

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