15 Months

This was a big month for you. You are officially walking, signing to communicate, understanding and listening, hitting and throwing fits, and still stealing the hearts of the neighborhood ladies.

Walking was a big milestone! You practiced all the time but preferred crawling until about 2 weeks ago when you decided that walking was really the way to move. And now you’ve got places to go and fast! You love to wear shoes, which is great since now you won’t slip while walking.

Too fast for photos!

Busy, busy boy you are. With walking all over the place, you also love to push your cars and anything with wheels from the kitchen to the living room and back again. You line them up and push them one at a time. You have a method, although I can’t tell what it is, but you are very serious about this activity.

You sign eat, all done, doggy, more, milk, bye-bye (which is also night-night), you know where your nose and ears are and you mastered pointing at things. You understand other signs too so you’ll probably be doing them soon. We got you Signing Times (with Alex and Leah!) and you LOVE it. It’s super cute and the music is catchy (just ask us how we know 🙂 )

You also understand us. We ask you to do something and you do it.

Me: (puts baby Jules in his crib) Go night-night!
BJ: Waves night-night
Me: Ok, night-night, lay down
BJ: lays down and giggles.

So cute. 🙂

You do get frustrated and with that comes the hitting and screaming. We try to stop you and get you focused on something else, but sometimes the tantrums are funny. We still love you even when you’re being a little dramatic.

Scully is scared of you because you hit her for fun. That’s not funny! So she probably isn’t your friend anymore.

You’re still a little guy but you grew 3 inches in 3 months! So now you’re at 50% for height and 15% for weight. You still wear size medium cloth diapers and size 12-month clothes.

You were the baby of the family until Cousin Deacon showed up a tad early. You haven’t met him yet but you will soon. We’ll see how you are around him. If you’re good, maybe you’ll get a new brother or sister. (That’s NOT an announcement, so calm down everyone.)

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