Black Hole

– I heard this song on my way home today and it reminded me of the first time I heard it. On my way to Galveston, Texas for Prom, I actually asked, “Is this some sort of Christian rap song?!” I really didn’t listen to much outside Country music and Alternative.

– I’m trying to wear earrings everyday. I have tons of pairs that I never wear. Lets see if I can do something this simple.

– Ok, I signed up for another 5k. Last time I ran one, I was pregnant, but didn’t know. I am definitely NOT pregnant this time around.

– I just got back from Houston. Don’t ask me how to get anywhere in that city. I have NO clue anymore. It’s foreign to me.

– Flying with a baby does have some advantages. On every flight, people were willing to help me (and commented on how cute Jules was). And since I traveled light (stroller, baby, purse), I didn’t need help. But it was so nice to know people were willing to help.

– Sometimes, flash sites SUCK.

Palin and Bachmann…for reals?

– Apparently, I’m really dumb when it comes to buying disposable diapers. I’ve used cloth for so long that when I had to buy disposable for my Houston trip, I thought I got the right size. I didn’t. They leaked. The end.


WUT? I drool lots now.


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