7 Months

Oh Jules, I miss you sometimes when I’m at work. And how can I not? You’re so cute, funny, sweet, cuddly, smiley, and I love how you love Scully.

This past month, we’ve really upped the cereal and other solids and after a few weeks, you’ve finally decided you like food. Now, you eat cereal, sweet potatoes, carrots, applesauce, sweet peas. You’re not a fan of green beans. I can’t blame you, they are pretty bland and smell like dirt. I just bought you some other flavors, but we’ll wait a while before we give you those.

And with food now being part of your diet, your diaper habits have changed. But we won’t get into that. Let’s just say we’ve been really lucky. You still wear cloth diapers. Here you’re sporting a G-Diaper that I didn’t put on right. Don’t worry, I fixed it. After I took a few photos. You know, for documentation.

You STILL love that sound stage toy. LOVE!

You celebrated Christmas and had lots to open. People were so generous! And while you were out of your regular routine, you were happy getting back on schedule. I had two weeks off from work so you and I hung out and watched Maury Povich all day in our pj’s. (Well not all day, for two hours, then we’d nap. Because the drama on Maury was exhausting!)

With all of the changes and growing, your sleep habits are, well, crappy right now. You first slept through the night around 3 months. And it continued til about 6 months, where you decided you needed to eat 2 times a night. And now, we’ve got you back down to one time a night. Not bad, but I know you can sleep through. So we’re working on that. You still preferred to be swaddled since it helps you fall asleep. If we don’t, you just babble to yourself for hours. And you need your sleep!

Scully loves to clean your face and hands after you eat. I don’t let her do that, but daddy does. You’re gonna be her pal when you’re older, dropping food on the floor.

Happy seven months Jules!


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