No Hormones Involved

I’m getting to the point to where I’m vocal about things I hate or drive me crazy, because I can. This pregnancy has been so easy and (thankfully) issue free. And with that said, I’ve decided I can complain about everything else non-pregnancy related, vocally and without feeling bad until baby shows up. (Then I’ll be back to my regular, secretly complaining self.)

#1 – Minnesota and it’s drivers who don’t know how to get on the freeway. Freeway speeds are not ridiculous here so why is it that people cannot get up to speed in the time allotted? By the time they HAVE to merge, these drivers are STILL going 40-45 mph (sometimes less)! I’m up to speed long before them, I get over and then, BAM, they HAVE to get over and I’m forced to slow down for their dumb asses. Maybe they should go back to driving school for a refresher on how to enter the freeway. It’s not everyone, but just enough people do it to drive ME crazy.

#2 – Expensive vets. I love Scully. She’s been my baby for a very long time. But man, are trips to the vet are expensive! I guess it’s only a shock when you have to go twice a year for shots or whatever and the bill is anywhere from $80 to $200. It’s hard to find a good one. One who listens and doesn’t think you’re crazy when “I swear, just before I brought her in here she was all sickly looking.” We’ve got a good vet, but I need a good loan sometimes.

#3 – Ok, baby related but still irritates me; due dates. It’s all really a guessing game kids. I propose a due MONTH. I’m due in June. It could be now or it could be in three or four weeks. What’s with the pressure of a due date? Why does everyone say “You’re a first-timer, you’ll go late,” or “no baby arrives on their due date.” Well, no doy! It’s just a freaking guess! And I especially DO NOT need a MAN telling me when I’ll have my baby. Unless the baby is a boy, and it’s MY boy, then he can do whatever he wants, until the second he pees on me, then all bets are off kid.

#4 – Who are these people and why are they famous and why should I care and why are they still around? GAH! Get rid of them already! Katy Perry. Octo-Mom (which is a terrible nickname), Lily Allen, Amy Winehouse, Heidi and Spencer Pratt (seriously? who are these people??), Donald Trump. Oh, the list could go on but these people bother me big time.

#5 – Stupid news stories that don’t get to the point. Is it just me or is that story missing some vital information? Or what about this one? How did they “witness” the act and yet say it’s “not part of their normal behavior?” Stupid – but really funny.

#6 – Twitter.


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