Baby news first: I had the “big” ultrasound Monday. I told her upfront we didn’t want to know the sex. Even if she was in the area, we wouldn’t know what to look for. These people are seriously trained to see things we’d just take for a big tumor – with hands.

Justin thinks it’s a girl. I think it’s a boy. We’ve got a 50/50 shot. I’m measuring 21 weeks (which is actually today), baby weighs 14 oz and all the parts were there and looked good. Weight gain is surprisingly good (“surprisingly” because I haven’t gained much based on the lack of physical movement – and when I do walk I get winded easily. Maybe Wii Fit Yoga is helping?) and said the baby was chilling on the right side. Ah, yes, make sense since that’s where I feel the most “discomfort” and movement. Oh labor will be fun!

House update: We’ve been painting like mad.! Primer, primer, primer! Actually, the one room they didn’t paint blue (bedroom), we did. If you’ve ever been to our Vegas house, we painted our bedroom blue/gray. It’s a very nice shade. Basically I’m trying to recreate it because it was so nice and calming and I loved our bedroom in Vegas.

Justin is still working in the foyer. It’s 2 stories so it’s taking him a long time. I finished our bedroom and kitchen last night. (Yes I painted, it’s ok. It’s latex paint – no harm to baby.)

Once we finish painting the vital rooms, carpets will be cleaned, house will be cleaned thoroughly and we move in Saturday. It’ll be nice to have our own place again.

Bargain updates: We scored an old style push mower off craigslist for $30. We used to have one in SLC and Justin really liked it so I started looking for one again. Even though we won’t get to use it for another 4 months, the blades were recently sharpened, so it was a great deal.

Over the course of two weeks, I’ve managed to get $67 worth of merchandise for $32 all from CVS (and it’s stuff we use! That’s like 1/2 off!). Justin was really impressed with my shopping skills. Not only do I have to anticipate for a new baby, but I have to anticipate not getting paid for part of my maternity leave. Saving now is the way to go.

So, there’s a lot going on up here in the tundra. Don’t forget us up here, cause it’s still cold. COLD! Good thing the weather will be in the 30’s this weekend for our move. Woo hoo! The 30’s!

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