Embrace the Cold

People ask me all the time if I miss Las Vegas. I say no. But actually, I do miss the mountains. Well, more like the green mountains of Northern Utah. But still, seeing mountains daily was awesome.

It’s cold here. Silly Car hates it. I’m sure the steering belt is about to snap off any day (at least that’s what I think it is cause it’s LOUD when I turn). I can see my breath in the morning and at night. Scully doesn’t stay out too long and when she comes in, she’s shivering. Skye, with her fur coat, no shivering at all.

Justin’s car hated it too. But we gave it a new sweater and sent it on its way. (sweater=battery)

I think I’ve embraced the cold as best as I can by requesting a camping trip, like, NOW. Before it gets even COLDER. To camp up north, where it’s super cold compared to down here. But really, isn’t fall about camping? Sitting around a campfire, cuddling, stuffing your face with marshmallows and chocolate, eating cheese dogs?

Justin said no, it’s too cold for him (THE Minnesotan). So we are going to build our own outdoor fire and do all the above. And when it gets too cold out that cuddling won’t suffice, I’ll head inside and jump into my heated bed and have Scully lick the marshmallows off my face.


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