Please Tell Me Not All Teachers Are Like This

**I’m not singling out Teachers, she just happens to be a very selfish one.**

Ok, so I don’t usually post 2 in one day but this is a must. Since the Hurricane, I’ve been visiting KHOU for updates. I found this headline and read it with such disgust! So then, I had to go and search for this blog. I don’t find it but I did find someone has already posted her the contents of her blog. Oh man, she’s the biggest douchebag you’ll ever meet. Read on:

Wednesday, September 17, 2008
Hurricane Ike – 8

Well, today is going to be interesting. Last night for dinner, I ate an MRE and it was pretty good. There was too much food and I had the wheat bread left over. I have decided that I really like MREs and plan on getting more today. I also need to get some gas today. Hopefully, I will find a gas station open. That should be about it for my things to do today.

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She plans on getting more. Why? Because they are good! Not because she need’s them. She had food left over.

Hurricane Ike – 9

I got Schlotsky’s today for lunch and went again to the courthouse in Baytown to get my water, ice, and food. This time, there were different meals, but hopefully as good as the others. Then, i came home, emptied my trunk and then headed off for the Deer Park POD (Point of Delivery). It was at the high school and they had their stuff together. There were about 5 or 6 different stations and at each station, there was a palate of ice, a palate of water, and a palate of food. There were three people at each station and you pulled up to the line of stations in a row and three people descended upon your car at once and loaded your trunk with stuff. Then, when all five or six stations were done, you pulled out and then the next 5 or 6 cars came through and filled up. It was very organized and put together.

I am constantly impressed with how Deer Park is handling everything. I don’t know why they can get their stuff together and every one else can’t, but I do have a few theories that I will not go into here. When I first headed out for the day, I had about a quarter of a tank of gas, so I decided to fill up. The Shell at the corner of 225 and Center had gas. I noticed that all of the entrances were blocked, so I went around to the one that was open and filled up in about 10 minutes. That was even with paying in cash in the store. When I entered the lot, there were employees directing me to which pump to go to. It was awesome. The other gas stations that I went to had Deer Park police officers directing traffic to the different pumps. This is a great city. When I pulled up at the POD, a police officer was telling me where to go and when he had me stopped, he picked a tree limb out of my tire. I am so happy to be living in this city and not others.

I went to Baytown today and they have some of their lights not working. When I was at Schlotsky’s, I was talking to the girl inside and she was ocmmenting on how disorganized everything is. I told her that Deer Park is awesome. She told me how it was a 4 hour wait for gas at Wal-Mart and it took her about 2 1/2 hours to get gas. I told her that it only took me 10 minutes and the employees and police were directing traffic at the gas stations. The intersection of Garth and Baker’s traffic light wasn’t working, so they had a police officer directing traffic. After she commented on that, I told her that they had generators powering the traffic lights in Deer Park. I did not realize how put together this city is, but they are doing an awesome job!

I haven’t heard anything from Matthew about his dad’s house, but later on today I will call and see how everything is going. I didn’t find any photo opportunities other than during yesterday’s outing. Maybe later on in the week, I will venture out into the southern area and get some pictures.

The electric company has not come out yet to cut the tree down, but hopefully it will be soon. I know that they have other important places to be. I talked to the neighbor yesterday and he commented on a tree that is in between our two houses and he was wondering if I minded him cutting down this little tree. I told him to go ahead and have fun with it. I informed him about the bigger tree in the backyard, that if not cut down, would fall on his house. He said that they were here during the hurricane and didn’t leave and that Deer Park got power back on Sunday night. That doesn’t sound too bad since there are people who will be without their houses and power for several weeks.

I will update when something else interesting happens, which hopefully will be a while from now.

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Based on the article, she didn’t have any money. If she doesn’t have any money, why is she going out for lunch?

Hurricane Ike – 10

I talked to Matthew’s brother, Jeremy, earlier today and he told me that there was about 3 feet of water in his dad’s house. The refrigerator got moved from the kitchen into the living room. He was really concerned about his motorcycle that he apparently left in Bridge City the last time he came down. It was right by the riding lawn mower and that was upside down according to Donna. Matthew’s dad brought disposable cameras to the house, but I have not talked to Matthew all day today to find out any information.

I just finished eating my MRE and I still didn’t get to finish my meal. It is too much food. Yesterday I ate meatballs with marinara sauce, almonds, wheat bread with cheese sauce, pretzels, and the orange punch. Today’s meal was chili mac, applesauce, a pop-tart, wheat bread with cheese sauce, fruit punch, and apple cider. There were also a whole large pack of Skittles that I haven’t eaten yet. I think that I am falling in love with MREs. They are pretty darn good. I went around 5:30 to go get more MREs and actually got another box of real MREs, water, and ice. Right now, I have five cases of water, two 20 pound bags of ice, four 10 pound bags of ice, and four boxes of MREs. Two of the boxes of MREs are the real military ones, two are a box per person for the whole day type MRE, and I have a box with twelves kind of sack lunches (chef Boyardee microwave little cup, granola bar, fruit cups, and almond cookies). There are lots of different types of MREs that are given out, but the best ones are the military type MREs. I was excited to get the second real box of MREs. I think that I am crazy, but it is so cool that you put a little bit of water in the bag with the food and in about a minute, there is hot food. This is great. I don’t have school and getting free food! I still will probably get paid at the end of the month also. Life is great after a hurricane when nothing really happened to your house!

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Wow! Life IS good huh? What about the lives of every other person without power or the ability to get food and water that they need? That you are TAKING!

Oh snap, she’s caught! Back peddle as fast as you can douchebag!

Thursday, September 18, 2008
Hurricane Ike – 11

The food and water that I got is for my boyfriend’s family who had about three feet of water in their house. They desperately need the food and water since they have to work at getting their house back to normal and they will be here tonight to get the supplies so that they can continue to work on the house. I am stopping my blog since I have gotten some wonderful comments. I have not received any money or will receive any money from the government or my insurance company, we will pay for it ourselves. I am not trying to take something that is not mine.

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Hmmm, but you posted this regarding money:

Monday, September 15, 2008
Hurricane Ike – 3

One thing that I did not include in my previous post was school is indefinitely out until everyone in Baytown gets power and water. They are having an emergency board meeting in some random building, apparently the Administration building is messed up. I will go and check that out tomorrow possibly. Anyway, they are meeting tomorrow to figure out what is going to happen.

Also, I registered with FEMA to get some money. I was pissed during Rita that I got no money, even though I had tons of expenses. I was not a property owner at that time, but now I am and I want my money from Rita. If these other people can get money, I can too. There are not enough damages to make a claim on my homeowners’ insurance, so this would really help out. We are just going to have to replace a couple of windows, at least the glass portion of it. My deductible is over a thousand dollars, so it is so not worth it.

When I first saw the headline for the article, I thought maybe she was able to pick up food and water and deliver them to neighbors or people who couldn’t get out. You know, something noble and newsworthy. But I forget, people also make the news for stupidity like this.

You can read all of her blog posts here.



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