I Cleaned Off My Camera

Consider this a camera dump blog. I’ve finally cleaned it off so here are pictures I’m sure I’ve promised, but never delivered.

Let’s start with the State Fair:

The Sea of People! GAHHHHH!!!

MMMMM Food on a stick.

MMMMMM More food on a stick.

That’s the gist of the State Fair. Let’s move onto something else.

The Walker Arts Center

That spoon is totally famous. And look at the beautiful skyline of Minneapolis. Yes, it’s awesome.

Sitting on art.

Ok, how about something totally cool.

Segway’s! Justin had this great idea to take a Segway tour through Minneapolis for our anniversary. And it was AWESOME! Since Paveena is new to the city like me, we invited them and they loved it too.

Zooming through an old mill. Now we all want Segway’s. I wonder if they make snow chains for them?

Happy 7 years!

Scully even got a “camera dump” update. Go check out her crazy self.

Ok, this one’s for Todd. He has an entire collection of TERRIBLE photos of me that only he and I have access to. But since I took this photo, just as I was about to cough, and can no longer have him collect these aweful photos, I decided to share it with everyone. Now remember, about to cough. Ready?



I know, I’m brave with my ugly self.

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