Minneapolis Summers

It’s a beautiful day in Minneapolis, a beautiful day in Minneapolis….

Normally I take the bus to work but today I have to leave early to take Scully to the Vet (She hurt her leg. It healed but now it’s back. I hope it’s not a fracture) so I drove in. Minnesota has these really long days in the summer. I guess it’s to make up for lack of sunlight in the winter (remind me to get anti-depressants in November).

Scully wakes me up at 5 to go out and the sun is almost up. At 5am! So by the time I leave at 7, it’s feels like it’s 10am in Las Vegas! And at night, the sun is finally down around 9:30pm. It’s the craziest thing when you know you should be heading to bed but it’s still light out.

And now that all those crazy storms have finally passed (my first 2 weeks here it rained every day), we’ve had 3 to 4 days of beautiful weather here in a row.

Oh crap, it’s supposed to rain this afternoon.

I’m off to Rockford, Illinois tomorrow for Regiment’s first show of the year. Seems a little late for a first show but things have changed since I marched. Speaking of, this is my 10 year anniversary. I actually missed Regiment’s first show of the year in 1998 because I hurt my knee. Not that it was a great year, but I did meet Justin that summer. Too bad he won’t be with me to beer it up at the beer tent.


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