Good way to end

I finally saw The Office the day before my last day of work. How fitting. Justin gets all twisted up inside when he watches it. Mostly because he knows none of this stuff would really happen (actually, he has problems with Michael. I say just watch and laugh). My exit interview was nothing like Toby’s but I actually had friends. Also, no questions were asked. Bummer, I would have liked to answer a few. But what good would it have done for HR to ask me questions on my way out? No one from my office was there to hear them. Guess that’s why they don’t ask questions.

Now that we are in the summer of repeats (or Justin likes to say “The summer of redundancy”. One year it was the “Summer of Socks” – Long story.), I’ve only got 3 more days until the new David Sedaris book comes out! He’s also making his way around the country. None in Vegas but Cali is close enough for us to drive to. I can’t wait to read the book late into the night, laughing and waking up Justin in the process. Just like old times.

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