Counting Down

Actually, the count down is almost done. My last day at work is tomorrow. I’m ready to move on. Yes, I’ll miss individuals here but that’s life. You make new friends and get new jobs.

Speaking of making new friends… this song always pops in my head saying that: “Make new friends, but keep the old. One is silver and the others gold.”

I went through my cedar chest last night and found all my Girl Scout stuff. It was fun to think back to all my times as a Girl Scout. Selling cookies, going camping, earning patches, being mean.

Usually, you don’t associate a Girl Scout as being mean but I’m embarrassed to say I was mean. I went through the typical stage with attitude problems and took it out on my fellow GS’s. This wasn’t every year. I did have good ones but there was a time (maybe 2 years?) when I was terrible to others. I’m very sorry for it and I feel terrible about it.

And I’m very sorry that I didn’t finish Girl Scouts. I made it to Senior but dropped out quickly afterwards. I did earn patches and, according to one award, I had perfect attendance but I still dropped out. I’m such a loser.

And because I fall into the loser category, I STILL haven’t seen the season finale of The Office. No one tell me anything!

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