A Miracle Just Might Happen Today

Planning ahead for my dinner, I was thinking it’d be a good bean burrito night. I’m craving refried beans as usual. But then, and this could be seen as a miracle in itself, our friend Poodle called me today. He figured with my extensive background and love of bean burritos I would already know this information he was about to tell me.

I didn’t.

Turns out, he had a chili cheese burrito last night. Not one, but three! And he’s not in Canada right now. If he was, that’d be a very mean joke. He had them in Las Vegas! Due to one of their high calorie specialties out right now, chili cheese nachos, they’ve brought back the burrito. No f-ing way!

So, I will go tonight and ask for one with confidence. And when they look at me with the usual glazed look, I’ll just ask for my usual “pintos and beans”. (Long story short, I didn’t know pintos were beans. Justin has laughed at me for 7 years and counting.)

Full report tomorrow!

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