Declutter Time!

It happens about 4 times a year at my house. Justin doesn’t mind but he just hates going through everything. This weekend we decluttered the living room, closet and the office (which always needs decluttering). I sold our huge IKEA coffee table and down sized to one that matches and is smaller. Bonus! We also gave our curio cabinet away and got a taller one that takes less space. It’s nice.

Speaking of IKEA, I finally tried their meatballs and I’m hooked. Too bad the closest store is 4 hours away. But if anyone watches Good Eats with Alton Brown, he showed me how to make them. I’ll give his recipe a try.

Justin’s in love with Alton Brown. He calls him the man’s man. So he wants to be like him. But I remind him constantly that he is a man’s man. Maybe he needs to hear it from Alton. Sounds gay to me.

So we are off to watch the game, eat some meatballs (that I bought on our last IKEA trip) and fall asleep (that’s my job). The decluttering will continue after that.


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