Classic Company Christmas Party

It has gone from about 30 people at the local golf club (Justin’s first year with the company), to the local bar, to the local nice casino and to finally the newest casino (meaning really nice)with about 300 people. As usual it was a fun night. Talking to all the people I talk to every day but with a drink in my hand. Wearing something that I didn’t plan on cause someone told me I can’t pull off red (mean I know). And driving my husband home because he didn’t even know what level we parked on.

The magician totally freaked me out. They had a hula hoop contest which I was confused by but was watching intently because a guy won it. Weird how they can move like that. The fish was fabulous. I wish I had another piece. Todd took lots of photos as usual. I forgot my camera, but he got some good ones of us. (And not so good ones.)

No idea what Alex was doing in the back.

I think the best part was I got to hang out with people that I don’t normally get to. Overall it was a good night. I’m sure next year they’ll stock the bar better. Our guys tend to clean it out. Not good on the liver kids.


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