There’s Still Time!

Scores are getting close, shows should be done and my flight leaves next Thursday at 8:40am! If you haven’t been following any aspect of this summer…shame on you! Just kidding. Actually this has been an exciting summer for shows. Minus the Cadets. I’ve always been a Blue Knights basher (or more like, “their show is…eh”) but I’ve moved onto Cadets this year. They will be my hotdog corps (or since we will be in Madison they’ll be my Brat corps).

My predictions (and these are just for me so I won’t be saying “I told you so!”):
5th place-Cadets
4th place-Blue Coats (oooh they are doing so well!)
3rd place-Blue Devils (Jazzy Godfather…eh)
2nd place-Phantom Regiment (I wish they’d win but I haven’t seen Cavis and since they are scoring so high, I have to say that they will win.)
1st place-Cavies (but I still think that Regiment could take this. Since they are winning most captions. Thats right!)

Don’t worry if you can’t go. You can follow everything at (and I suggest you do 🙂 )

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