My NEW Job

As some of you already know (and support) I have started making purses. Mostly because I suck at making clothes. If I made it on Project Runway, I’d so be like Bradley, hanging on by a thread (oh I’m so funny). But seriously, I’m having so much fun making purses, totes and bags. Much more fun than video editing or cutting various colors of paper or going grocery shopping for work parties and lunch meetings. (Actually I like the shopping part, even if it is for food.)

I have a little shop too! I only have a few items listed because everyone is buying them right and left. Just kidding. Actually I had about 7 different things up and one day (after announcing to all my friends about my new shop) 3 things were bought! It was an exciting time. I was all giddy like a little girl buying a purse! What great friends I’ve got.

So, until I’m a full blown purse maker, I’m keeping the 9-5 (more like 7-4, ouch). Bookmark the link (on the right side of the page), tell your friends, spread the word. Kate Spade look out! Oh and Coach you should probably look out too. I’v already mastered yours…minus the leather.


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