Top Burger

Justin and I like to judge certain things. This habit may have come from marching corps or guard.
“Oh they’ll so beat Cavaliers!”
“No way, Blue Devils is no where near first place with that show!”
“Ok this is my order…”

We do this with everything. He’ll ask me if I had to choose from 3 taco places for beaners which would it be. And I can’t just give him an answer, he wants to know why I picked that one. (The answer was Taco Bell, because they are consistent and cheap.)

Ok looking back it does mostly revolve around food. But sometimes (well every year) we do Drum Corps shows, Winter Guard shows, cars or anything else that interests us.

One of our favorite rankings is hamburgers. Vegas has many different places to get a good hamburger. So we’ve made our very own top 5 list. This list is mine.

Coming in at 5th place is…Wendy’s. I don’t know if it’s the squareness or what, but if you get it without pickles, it’s great!

In 4th place, I really don’t have one. But if I did it would go here until I’d re-evaluate the burger rankings.

3rd place is Fudruckers. Unfortunately we don’t have one here so when I do get one, I savor it. So big…so good.

2nd place was tough because I’m pretty picky about where I get my hamburgers. And ranking them is tough (and I explained that to Justin). But In and Out is my number 2. If you’ve never had one and you plan a trip out west, make sure you try one. They make it right when you order it (beware of long lines) and you can get it without salt or anything on the patty. It’s a pretty tasty burger on it’s own.

Which brings me to my number 1 choice. A good burger with yummy toppings goes to my new love, Red Robin’s Blue Ribbon Burger. I don’t want to gross anyone out, but it’s mainly blue cheese with onion strings and a spicy chipolte sauce. Oh it’s so good. And because I love it so much I have to limit myself with it severely! Just like Fudruckers, I savor it when I do have one. The zesty, tangyness of the blue cheese and the sauce is a perfect combination on a burger. Justin won’t try it because of the blue cheese. Nor will I try his favorite at Red Robin, the Royal (a fried egg…gross!).

I’m sure my rankings will change if and when I find another great burger. But until then, I’ll keep this order. But now my new favorite food is the Bocca chicken patties! And there is only one kind so that’s my number 1 chicken sandwich. Watch out Bocca, Red Robin might over-throw you.


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