Short Problems

My height is important to me. If you seen me you know why. I am 5 feet tall. Unfortunately no more than that. However, when I went to the Doctor’s office the other day, the nurse measured me and said “4 feet 11 inches.” “No I’m 5 feet tall, don’t put down 4’11.” She then reassured me that she doesn’t think the scale is accurate.

What kind of Doctor’s office is this where they are using inaccurate tools? If that’s the case, I can only hope that the scale was off in my favor.

So going into the examining room with the knowledge of me an inch shorter, I was also told that my left leg was longer than the right. Not by much but just enough to cause the pain that I was having. What the hell kinda twilight zone was I in? Being short has always been a problem for me and now I’m a gimp.

But then we both came to the conclusion that training for the marathon did it to me. Grrr Marathon! I knew you were no good to me!

She gave me the suggestion of seeing a chiropractor to get re-aligned. I’ll do anything if it will give me back my inch…oh and take away the pain.

I went to the chiropractor. I’m not sure about the whole thing. I did like the popping sounds that came from my neck, back and hips. But I’m not sure that it gave me back my lost inch. I go again on Wednesday. I’ll make sure to ask her if she can make me taller. Or at least make my legs even.


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