A simple question for my blog readers: What is your guilty movie pleasure? For example, I have a few that I normally would be embarassed to say. But I recently told some and a few agreed with me. So I’m going to share them and you are welcome to share your guilty movie pleasures too.

Now before I do I need state a few rules so no one gets hurt.

1-You can laugh but you can’t be rude. “that’s funny, but you’ve got to be an idiot to like that movie.” Don’t be rude friends.

That’s my rule. Ok onto sharing!

My guilty movie pleasures are:

Blast from the Past-“He’s a baby man”
Strange Brew-“Hey you got a credit card? Geez travel eh?”
Home Alone-It’s comforting and makes me go to sleep.

And anything MST3K The best of the worst movies made funny. Good times.

So what’s yours?


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