Myths Revealed!!!!

These are myths that I know of. Some are legend and some are one’s I’ve come across over the years and some are mine, until I realized how stupid I was. Let’s start with an easy one:

Myth #1:
If you swallow gum it stays in you for 7 years.
How is this possible? The only thing I can think of that is indigestible is fiber. And we don’t get enough of that (ahem, most American’s). So how did this myth of indigestible, living in your stomach for 7 years gum come around. I’m sure it had to do with some lazy parent saying to some stupid kid who kept swallowing his gum (which could have been pricey for the parents) and the parents were tired of it. People, if coins can go through your system (or at least my dog’s), then chewing gum can. One other clue that gives it away, the number 7. Anything with the number 7 is fake. I’ve come to realize this and so should you. If anything, the number 7 should be lucky. It is here in Vegas.

Myth #2
Using more than one (!)exclamation mark shows how much more excited you are.
I fell for this when instant chat first came out. Everything was “Oh ya!!!!” “No way!!!!!” “Really????!!!” It really doesn’t enhance your emotions, just how dumb it looks. Stop doing it!!!!

Myth #3
If you’re low on gas you’d better turn off your radio.
What the hell? No, that’s all battery people. Gas runs the car, not the radio. You insert the key, you turn it to on (don’t start the car) and the radio comes on. But the car isn’t running. How did that work? The battery doe heads.

Myth #4
The shortest route isn’t always the fastest.
It is if you drive fast.

Myth #5
If one vitamin is good for me, then I’ll take 10!!!!
People, people…multi-vitamins are meant to be taken in addition to a well balanced diet. Just because it’s good for you doesn’t mean you should be taking as many as possible. Ever heard of people overdosing….on vitamin A? Do you want liver damage, hair loss, blurred vision or headaches? Well then take about five times the RDA and you’ll be blind with liver damage!

Myth #6
If you take the last Red Bull, you replace it or pay for it.
Apparently this doesn’t count at work in Justin’s fridge. I’m still waiting for my Red Bull…………


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