Madam Scully

I don’t think that I’m alone in this thought, but I think that dogs (well my dog) have ESP. The fact is they do have heightenend senses but could sensing spirits be one of them? I think so!

I never really noticed it when she was a puppy. Mostly because she was kinda silly and not very smart. So I could have easily passed her crazed behavior for puppy-play. But recently, I’ve noticed some weird behavior.

For example, one night I was in my office in our old apartment. My desk was right next to the door. She came in and stood up on the door, looking up and barking. She saw something up there. But all I saw was the plain white walls which apartment owners never let you cover up with color. Maybe the white was too much for her and she wanted it painted? Our whole apartment complex was old peeps so it could have been the lady before, who died. Only Scully will know. She wasn’t talking. But she did that all the time and at the same spot.

Now what’s really creeping me out is her behavior in our house. I have no idea if it was built where a person was buried by the mob or what, but I think that Scully knows. But again, she’s not talking. We have two places in the house where she’s crazy. The first one is downstairs in the living room. Our sectional couch covers two walls. She will get on top of the couch in the center, look up at the corner of the room and bark wildly. Sometimes, she’ll freak out and run away looking back like someone is lunging towards her! Maybe the spirit gets annoyed with her barking. Because it’s annoying for me, who’s living. Who knows. But it’s weird to watch. I usually get creeped out and go upstairs.

The second place is in my closet. She’ll go in there (cause it’s a walk-in) and stand on her back legs and look up. It’s not as creepy as the downstairs living room corner, but she’s looking at something on the blank wall. This one doesn’t lunge at her. Maybe it’s nicer.

I’ll have to do some research on pet ESP. Maybe we can contact someone. Um, maybe not. I might creep myself out even more! I’ll just let Scully take care of them.


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