Mad Libs

Ok everyone, let’s have some fun. I was reminded the other day how fun Mad Libs were when I was a bad girl scout (and I was). However, I wasn’t bad at Mad Libs. So, let’s do one. I’ll ask for 4 of each and then I’ll pick the best of the best to put in my Mad Libs story. I’ll give you til tomorrow afternoon (3pm Las Vegas time) to come up with some great words. You can just post them in the comment section. Don’t worry about people seeing the words, you don’t even know what the story is! Then I’ll post the story with your words. So the pressure for me to write a blog is not as demanding.

2-names of people you know

Easy enough. So let’s have some fun with words! This is a blog you know.

Don’t worry if you can’t come up with 4, just come up with something.


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