Abandoned Park

Going to the dog park is a luxury for Scully. She spends the first 15 minutes sniffing every inch of the place. Even when other dogs want to greet and play. She’s just gotta sniff. But once that’s done, it’s time to play.

Some days there are tons of dogs. Some stupid looking and shy and others very aggressive and fast. Scully is right in the middle. She has fun until she thinks she getting hurt. One time some owners brought their big dogs (and this park was for little dogs under 10 lbs.). I guess they just liked to play with the little dogs; chasing and making them fear for their lives. They happened upon Scully after she was done with her sniffing routine. They took one look at her and went after her. She of course took off, fearing for her life. Even though she’s little, they couldn’t keep up with her. But she felt them on her tail so she was crying as loud as she could while she ran. It was actually funny. They weren’t anywhere near her and yet she cried. And me, being the bad mother, just laughed and let her run herself out. I knew she could out-run them.

Some dogs are just so happy to be there. They don’t have any aggression towards any dog or person. They are just around for a good time. Today a funny looking dog named Oliver was having a good time with a female dog. I don’t know her name because someone left her there. She didn’t have any tags or even a collar. She was so sweet and loving to everyone in the park, but she didn’t have an owner. So the stories starting to fly.

“I saw someone let her in then they drove off.” “I think someone called animal control but they aren’t here yet.” “She’s probably starving.” “Looks like she just had a puppies.” “Oliver, get off her!”

I started thinking other things: “Maybe the owners are out shopping for the puppies and thought she needed a break from them,” or “Her owners are probably just walking around the park,” or “She looks happy to be rid of them.” You can’t always go off of what you see. I’m sure there was a reason for her being left there. But here are the facts:

1)When I got there, eyewitnesses said she had been there since they got there; over an hour.
2)She did look like she just had puppies.
3)She didn’t have any form of identification.
4)And for being a pit bull mix, she was extremely friendly and very playful towards everyone.

So my conclusion: She had the puppies, they got rid of her and sold the puppies for Christmas money. I don’t approve of this at all. I don’t like to voice my opinion on my blog about anything that can cause a fire, but this is one I can’t stand to be quiet on. There is a huge problem with people, not dogs.

It is not the dogs fault that it got pregnant, it is yours for not being responsible. It is not the dogs fault for having accidents in your house, it is yours for not being responsible. It is not the dogs fault for chewing up your shoes or other belongings, it is yours for not being responsible. It is your responsibility for training the dog to be what you expect of it. Trust me, I’ve had many, many problems with Scully. But now that she’s trained and knows what’s expected of her in our house, she’s the best dog and I would never dump her at the dog park.

I suggest (even if you don’t have a dog) you read this article. It will give you insight on how we’ve been wrong about their behavior. They aren’t humans but they should get the respect and treatment they deserve.

I know she will end up in a better home than what she was in previously. And hopefully she’ll be just as spoiled as Scully. So please be responsible when thinking of bringing home a puppy for your kids this Christmas. Scully will chase you down at the dog park if she has too.


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