Min Pin Files

It’s amazing how your life changes when you decide to do something adult and responsible. No I’m not having a baby. Well you could call her my baby. Her name is Scully and she’s my Miniature Pincher. Since the day I got her, I felt like her mom. I have to love her, feed her, bathe her, and on and on and on. Phew if I knew it was this tough she’d only get a bath once a month! She’s really just like a baby. A very black, tan and hairy one with big ears, a mother’s love.

While in Minnesota I realized how much she really has changed our lives. Good, bad, it doesn’t matter. She’s changed it. Sometimes we even revolve our time around her. We know we are crazy so you don’t have to say it. During the day one of us heads home to let her out and we both make sure that she’s only been in her crate for 4 hours. It’s insane.

Justin loves to talk to her likes she’s our roommate. “Did you eat your dinner? Did you make this mess? Quit stealing my chapstick! Give me back my socks!” I assume she knows what he’s talking about cause she just looks at him with a blank stare, like all mooching roommates do.

We put her back in doggie obedience school. As parents we think she failed. You never want to have your children fail, but we were positive she did when the only thing we got was an award of attendance. Scully had perfect attendance, but with bad grades. So we enrolled her again. The instructor remembered her probably because she was the class clown/terror/barker/jumper/yipper. You name it, Scully did it. But this time around we noticed something. She paid attention and she wasn’t the class annoyance. So she finally passed and on her birthday too! So we gave her ice cream and sang happy birthday for her. She loved it (she told me so).

Right now, she’s as happy as she can be. Running around with her love bear, Cletis. Actually he’s a cat, but she hates cats so we call him a bear. She’s been with him since the day I got her and I would hate to disappoint her by telling her he’s a cat. Could you imagine her reaction! “What the F—! Cletis has been a cat this whole time? I hate you for lying to me! Your the worst parent ever!” Well, that might be a bit harsh. She might just give me the silent treatment and poop in the living room.

So, while on vacation the time was ours and we really didn’t know what to do. But our old habits came back and we were without dog. It was great for about 4 days. And then we started missing her. We missed how much she loved us and how annoying she is in the morning, jumping on you to wake you up. We missed her zooming through the house with Cletis her love bear or Froggy her gay tutu wearing frog. We missed her excitement of seeing us when we walked in the door, like she’s been waiting all day but decided to shred up the couch pillows until our arrival. Like child’s artwork, she’s always got something to show us but we can’t put it on the fridge.

Our little family is back together and she was very happy to see us when we picked her up. Now we are all back into her routine and it seems normal. Even Cletis is happy to be home.

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