Bean Burrito Madness

I have an unusual craving for re-fried beans. I love them. Justin knows what I want for dinner every night. Which takes the boredom out of asking, “What’s for dinner?” I’m sure he will get tired of them, hopefully later than sooner!

When we go to a Mexican restaurant, I order a bean burrito, with 2 sides of re-fried beans. The stunned waitress/waiter just look at me, then over to Justin and laugh. Then I have to defend myself and say, “Don’t worry, they don’t ‘affect’ me like they do everyone else.” No it’s not a lie. All re-fried beans do is just make me want more re-fried beans.

I remember in High School going to Taco Bell with all my friends. Everyone would order something like nachos belgrande, double decker (yum), chili cheese burrito and a drink and end up spending like $2.50. I would go and order a bean burrito and spend 69 cents. I guess I could have ordered 2, but my beaner level was pretty low then. But I was still consuming them on a weekly basis.

As the years passed, my bean cravings increased. I married Taco Bell, literally. Justin used to work at Taco Bell and would make me bean burritos (beaners) just like they do. He still goes into his days at Taco Bell and how the meat is dehydrated, gross. This would normally get on my nerves after 6 years, but since I love beaners, I let him ramble. I always have a can of re-fried beans in the cupboard, tortillas and cheese in the fridge. Like peanut butter and jelly for some, beaners are my staple.

Since moving to Las Vegas, I have explored many other restaurants for bean burritos. The beaners Justin makes for me at home are pretty good. Taco Bell is pretty good too, minus the oninons. I’m here for the beans, nothing else. Most mexican restaurants are pretty good. You can’t go wrong with a beaner. BUT, the one place that I absolutely love is a place I like to call My Man Roberto’s Taco Shop.

Over at My Man’s place, they take a fresh tortilla and throw it on the grill. This is no normal tortilla, this thing is huge and so fresh! So while that’s on the grill getting all toasted and yummy, the beans are simmering and waiting to be thrown on my grilled tortilla. Then the tortilla is taken off the grill and the beans are thrown on with the cheese and wrapped up like a baby. As big as it is, it doesn’t take me long to eat it.

I have, however, taken my beaner craving too far. While visiting My Man, I asked them if they could take my finished beaner and throw it in the fryer, make it chimichanga style. She looked at me like she didn’t understand English. Well that part might be true. So I asked her again, “Can you make my beaner chimichanga style?” “NO.” She didn’t even consider it, which lead me to believe that she again didn’t understand me. I tried a few more times on different visits, but they flat out refused. Maybe because they are fast food? Who knows. But I have learned one thing: ask the same question at a restaurant and they will bend over backwards for you.

While visiting Garduno’s and Richardo’s I asked for a bean burrito, chimichanga style with 2 sides of re-fried beans. And out came, dum dum dummmm, excatly that! So I know it can be done Roberto! But I still visit My Man’s from time to time. Can’t give up on them. One day I’ll break them down and they will deep-fat-fry my beaner. Who knows, maybe I’ll start a trend. But for now, I’ll just take my beaners and my 2 sides of re-fried beans and keep explaining myself.


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