4 years later

In a few days I will have completed 4 years of marriage. So far my grade as a wife is about a “B+”. I give the same grade to my husband. He didn’t know I would be grading, he didn’t study, but he’s done really well as the years have passed. If I gave both of us an “A” then there would be nothing to improve upon, right?

As with any marriage, we fight. Lately, we’ve been fighting over Scully, our min-pin. Well it’s more of a discussion, not a fight. We’ve never hit each other. I think we would both fight like girls if it did happen. That’s a sight I don’t really want to see. But Scully is a problem right now for us.

When we got back from vacation, she kinda went back into her old habits of peeing in her bed and then crying to be let out. As a human I understand the urge to tinkle, I get up and go. But for Scully, she has to let us know so we can let her out. Plus, when you wet the bed, you don’t really want to get back in it. You want to cuddle with your parents in their nice warm bed. I know your tricks Scully! That’s one problem. The second one is we are about to move into our new house. A house that we picked out, we’ve waited for it to be built, we’ve picked out the carpet that she might pee on.

The third problem is it’s a two-story. All the bedrooms are upstairs. And I know if I have to get up and let her out of her crate, walk down the stairs, walk back up the stairs and crate her up again, I might as well go to the gym. All that exercise in the middle of the night can’t be good for you. But I don’t want to find out. So that leads us to our discussions.

Do we just let her cry and learn to hold it? Some nights she tricks us (I told you she’s trixy) and she’ll hold it til the morning. Other nights she has to go 2 to 3 times a night! Do we get up so she doesn’t have an accident in her bed? You’d think we had a child that’s learning potty training the way we talk about it. But it’s important because of the new house. Justin thinks we should keep her downstairs and ignore her. I say that will only perpetuate the problem.

It’s a tough call huh. What do you think blog readers? Oh, you still thinking about us hitting each other like girls, well if you don’t help me out, I might just have to hit you like a girl! Now that would be funny. I’m sure Justin would give me an A for that!

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