Marlo at 6 Months

2013-11-20 16.39.17I’m not a fan of the term “peanut” but you are a peanut. At 12 pounds, you’ve officially doubled your birth weight but wear 6 month clothes well. You eat all the time so I was surprised you had only gain 2 pounds since your last appointment.

We started you on cereal which you LOVE. We quickly found out you were ready for food when Dad put some mango pudding to your mouth and you smacked and wanted more. We confirmed you were ready when we gave you a sampling of ice cream and you cried when we stopped. You open your mouth when anything comes near you including my face. I call those baby kisses (open mouth, tongue out kisses).



2013-10-28 16.53.34

2013-10-28 16.52.16

(Complete with your brother photo-bombing you. Get used to it, sister.)

You’ve got the cutest baby mohawk of blonde hair. Just like your brother, you started off with darker hair but it’s clearly blonde now. I’d love to fix it up with a clip but there’s not enough hair so we’re stuck with headbands for now.

2013-11-20 16.41.07

You love it when Scully comes around and especially when she comes in your room. I say, “where’s the puppy?” And you look at her and smile. Scully likes you too. I can say this wasn’t the case with Jules until recently and even still, I have to break up fights.

2013-11-20 16.41.39

We dressed you up for Halloween as a scuba diver. I made you a black onsie and felt fins and Dad fashioned you an air tank out of an old binkie and a pop bottle. We took you and penguin Jules to Grandmas where they thought you looked adorable – and you were adorable!20131124-203741.jpg

20131124-203810.jpg(Look at that push up!)

I can’t believe half a year has gone by! 6 months is a great age, but I know it keeps getting better. Happy 6-months wee one.2013-10-26 09.12.02

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