Marlo at 4 Months

At four months, you are the sweetest baby and most agreeable. Your smile makes other people smile. You prefer to sit up. Even as a newborn, you preferred to be held upright. You like to see everything so we’ve been putting you in the bumbo and you LOVE that.  That’s probably why you could hold your head up at such an early age. You wanted to see everything!

marlo_4_2Almost all of your newborn clothes are now put away. Most of your three month outfits fit. Some are still a bit too big. You’re putting on weight a little faster. Last time I weighed you – about 2 weeks ago – you were 10 lbs 3 oz. Still pretty little for a 3 month old. We’ll find out how much you’ve gained at your next appointment. (shots!)


Now that I’m back at work, your schedule is slowly, slowly getting better. Dad says you take a good morning nap but the afternoon can be a wash. So when I get home, you’re a bit crabby unless I hold you (which I happily do). You sleep pretty good at night but we’re still working that out too. Most of the time I put you down and you quietly go to sleep. Other times, you talk until you go to sleep.


You watch Scully intently when she’s near you. And Scully has been very gentle around you.


We took you to the State Fair. It was unbearably hot that day. You only really fussed when you were tired so we kicked Jules out of the stroller so we could lay you down. You and Jules tolerated the fair as best as you could on a 90+ degree day.


And speaking of Jules. He still adores you. You laugh and smile when he talks his baby talk to you. He still asks to hold you even if it is for only a minute. He started preschool this year so you get to hang out with daddy all day. But when he gets home, he loves to say HI to you.


We think you’re about to roll over. You stretch and roll your shoulders and head side to side so it should happen soon! I think you’ll be surprised when it does happen because tummy time isn’t your favorite. I’ve rolled you onto your stomach and you immediately start to fuss. Occasionally you tolerate it. Jules was the same way. You’re starting to not look like Jules and daddy as much. I actually see a little resemblance!

marlo_4_5You’re the best 4-month-old out there!


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