20 Months

Only four short months until the big TWO. But you are still such a baby in my eyes. We still call you Baby Jules (as do other family members).

You still love your train set and will play in your room without problems. You realized I’ve been keeping toys from various holidays – that I haven’t given to you yet – in your closet and you try to open the doors to get to them. Don’t worry, you’ll get them soon enough.

You added some new words this month! Hi, bye bye and night night. We’ve only been saying these to you for over a year 🙂 To hear you say “hi” is really sweet. You’ll come into the room or look for us and say “Hi-eee”. It’s really cute. You also added two new signs: bike and cheese. Bike was easy, it’s like pedaling with your hands and we figured we’d teach you cheese, your favorite food. You picked it up within a day. You’re getting good at doing two signs. You’ll sign “more” and “train” and that means you want to watch “Thomas the Tank Engine”. Or “more” and “milk”. Guess we should teach you more signs!

You have nine teeth on top and six on bottom. Poor you, they come in two at a time. But I think you’re set on teeth for a while. You still sleep 12 hours at night but your afternoon nap is about 2 hours. Dad isn’t getting as much work done. But my day off helps him get caught up and you and I get to hang out all day.

On my day off, I take you to the Y with me. You cry when I drop you off to play, but the second they show you the train table, you’re fine. You do the same thing when the Babysitter comes over. The second you see her, we see your anxiety level increase. You start to pout and cry. Here’s to hoping you grow out of that!

You love to visit our neighbor, Donna. She’s older and lives alone. Daddy tells me that you walk up to her door, pound on the glass and she opens it to let you in. Scully goes with you. She loves it when you visit her! She’ll watch you while Daddy is working in the garage or needs to get something done. She’s very, very nice and loves you like your other Grandmas.

Your hair was getting too long so I decided to cut it. Dad had to hold you and we gave you a tootsie roll to chew on. No dice. You didn’t like me combing your hair, you didn’t like the scissors, and you especially didn’t like sitting still. But, I did manage to cut off the mullet even if it was a little uneven.

Happy 20 months, Baby Jules!

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