18 Months

The reasons why I haven’t done an 18-month post until now.

You are 23 pounds, petite, cautious, a singer, laugh at everything, love cars and trains, becoming a picky eater and can’t sit still long enough for a photo with Scully.

We’ve been singing a few songs to you for what seems like forever and you now sing them with us. “This old man…” “Frère Jacques, Frère Jacques…” You love to dance to music from the television, radio or us singing. When the “Thomas the Train” theme comes on, you start to bounce and turn in circles. That’s your white-boy dance.

You only say a few words: Mama, Dada, doggie, duck, nana (banana), baby and what sounds like “touchdown!” You sign: dada, doggie, bath, car, all done, milk, hat, shoes, more, eat, bird, airplane, books, bye-bye, stars, ball, and are perfecting: train, kitty. The doctor isn’t worried about your speech at this age. Unless you were a girl, then she’d be a little concerned. Apparently girls talk.all.the.time!

We all survived the big storm to 2010. (Hard to tell, but that’s me, it was zero and we got about 15 inches in addition to the 12 inches that was already in the yard.) The next day we made our way out to a birthday party where you were traumatized yet again by us when we put you in this:

We thought it’d blow your mind, but apparently not. You just wanted to push it, and not RIDE in it, mom!

You fist-bump, you throw your hands in the air when we say “Touchdown!” and you know “first down.” Your daddy’s little football watcher.

We read stories before bed and you love it. You sign “more” after 10 books. You never want me to stop reading. You still sleep 12 hours at night and have a 3 hour nap during the day.

Toddler moments are becoming a little bit more frequent. Throwing food on the floor, throwing toys at Scully, throwing yourself on the floor, I’m starting to see a pattern here. But really, you are a very good boy and tantrums happen only about 15% of the time.

We flew to Utah for Thanksgiving and you got to meet your Great-Great Grandma Dot. She thinks you’re super cute. I loaded her cork board with your pictures.

We made the annual trip to cut down our Christmas tree. You love to be outside. I think it was only 12 degrees this day. It didn’t phase you at all. You aren’t interested in the tree or the ornaments this year. I bet next year you’ll be interested in the stuff under the tree.

When asked, you know the sounds these animals make: dog, cat, cow, and bird. And you know what a car and train say. When I asked where your nose is, you scrunch it up and breath through it fast.

Each month gets better and better, baby Jules. Merry Christmas and happy 18-month!


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