Bullet Points

– About 6 years ago (maybe less), I was listening to NPR on the topic of a messaging system that gave updates to family and friends but was limited to about 140 characters. I immediately thought, “Why would anyone want to use that?”

Twitter, HA!

Now, I get to do status updates for work on Twitter. for WORK. How odd, huh? If you want to follow tpt go here. (I won’t be offended if you don’t or have no clue as to what I’m talking about. I’m a late adopter.)

– I tried on my wedding dress a few weeks ago. No reason, really. But, should I be worried that 1) it’s still dirty from that day. No I never dry-cleaned it – should I? and 2)it fits. I know, I was shocked too. Either I was chubby 9 years ago or I’ve somehow lost all the married and baby weight I put on.

– I have a new office mate. And while he’s nice, he’s extremely opinionated. OPINIONATED! He thinks I’m in idiot for using a PC. Hey, buddy, I’ve got me one of them fancy itouch things so lay off me!

I’ve also been banished to the woman’s dressing room to pump. Actually, it’s pretty sweet. I have a private bathroom and I catch up on my two tv shows. (Parks and Rec – Hilarious! and Office) It’s a nice break during the day. But still annoying.

– We’re heading over to London in May. WITH.THE.BABY.NINE.HOUR.FLIGHT.OH.HELP.ME! I’m a little worried. The kid has flown as recently as January and did great. But now, he’s getting more like, “hey, you, hold me!” “No, wait! I want to look at you upside down.” “Put me down over there!” “WHY’D you put me down!!”

Ya, that should be fun on a plane. But his passport is so cute! (my preshus bayyy-beeee has a passport!)

– and speaking of Jules (I’ll keep it short, I promise), he totally understands me! For example:
(Scene: Baby in my moms arms at the table, playing with her necklace. Me sitting next to them.)

Me: Jew-uls, eh, eh. Don’t pull

Jules: (blank stare at me – then back to pulling)

Me: Jew-uls, don’t pull



Jules: (yanks hard)

Me: JULES! Eh, eh! Don’t pull.

Jules: (pouty face emerges and begins a FAKE CRY, people)

Me: Oh, Jules, you’re fine, don’t pull.

Jules: 🙂


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