5 Months

Oh Jules, please slow down. You’re growing up too fast!

You prefer to be on your back, although you do tolerate tummy time when the boppy and tpt is involved. You can *almost* sit up but you’re not quite there yet. And your legs are getting stronger each day. You can stand for a second or two!

You babble, saying “mamamamama” all the time. I’m gonna go ahead and say that’s your first word.

While it seems you hardly smile in photos, you’re actually quite the smiler and you love to laugh.

But it’s tough to catch on camera.

(I think there’s a smile behind dad’s yo-yo. And your clothes are getting too tight.)

You reach for anything I have in my hand: the newspaper, cup, fork or spoon. We tried to give you mashed potatoes the other night. And while you did manage to open your mouth, mashed potatoes aren’t your thing; oh how they disgusted you. You’re not ready and that’s ok!

Your new thing is to rotate in your crib. This morning, I found you with your feet on the wall, totally perpendicular in the crib. You must like to kick. You still like to be swaddled, cuddled, carried, swinging; you always want to be moving.

When I get home from work, you see me and light up right away. Like “Huur-RAY! I like her!” It’s so sweet. You sleep through the night like a champ but have a few bumps if we don’t get you to bed on time. You’re leary of new people and that’s because you and dad don’t get out of the house much. But after a while, you’re good.

Scully, your BFF, lets me know if you’re crying in your crib. She’ll sit next to you, lick your feet or any spit up you may have, well, spit up (NOT all the time peeps, just when I don’t get to him in time). She’s your pal and you love to look at her.

Happy 5 months baby boy.


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