WGI Recap

– Driving to Dayton from Cincinnati during rush hour will take a long time.
– Crappy bleachers are not friendly to a pregnant belly or back. Especially if they rock when people go up and down the aisle.
– Nice, cushy seats ARE friendly to a pregnant belly and back. Thank you UD Arena.
– Some guards just shouldn’t go. It’s a waste of my time, the judges time, and everyone’s time (and money).
– Civil rights shows are over done. Let’s be creative people.
– Short sleeve weather!!!
– I watched more guard than I slept.
– Loud music and screaming fans tend to wake up a certain baby in the womb. Then the baby found vengeance by kicking the crap out of me. Thanks Amachi!
– I’m not FAT! You’re FAT!
– It’s always sad to see a great show not make it to finals.
– It’s equally sad to see a crappy show make it to finals.
– If there was a scoop, I heard it.
– Santa Clara Vanguard=Awesome
– Performers just get more talented and awesome each season.
– Inspired to start teaching again. But then I come to my senses.


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