Neti Pot

Continued from yesterday:

I was desperate to breathe. No matter how much nose-blowing I was doing, it wasn’t solving the overall problem of allergies. So I hit up Walgreen’s on the way home from work.

They had 3 different brands! I couldn’t even find one pot at Target. The pots all looked the same so I grabbed the one that came with the little salt packets.

I told Justin I bought one and as grossed out as it sounded to him, he wanted to watch. But with working on organizing the office and him setting up his computer, he missed out. Darn.

It didn’t say anything about not using it *while* congested because, oh boy, was I stuffed up. I thought, if it doesn’t work today, I’ll try it again tomorrow. So I shoved the Neti Pot up my nose, tilted my head, opened my mouth and started to pour.

Hmmm, nothing came out the other side. I must have really been stuffed up. But where the heck did all that water go?

So before I thought I’d choke on salt water, I pulled the pot out and out came the water. I blew my nose like it said and surprisingly, it helped clear things out. So I tried it again on the same side. But I couldn’t get the water to come out the other nostril. So I gave up. BUT! I could breathe so much better from that side.

I tried the other side and I got it to work. Water went into one nostril and out the other! Oh my garage! It was the wildest thing. Guess what? I could breathe! I demonstrated my breathing to Justin – impressed – and I slept most of the night without coughing fits and the inability to breathe, only waking up to rotate the belly.

I was going to do it this morning because I am a little stuffy (but not as I’ve been these last 2 weeks), but I ran out of time. So I’ll be pouring water up my nose tonight. (Oh my Friday nights are EXCITING!)

Kids, the Neti Pot worked. Probably not as well had I not been completely stuffed up, but I’m pretty sure once I get everything flushed out (a few more days), that it’ll be something I use on a semi-regular basis.

You can read more about it here and here.


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