Ya, Ya, It’s Cold. So What

The last time it was this cold here (well, close enough. The highs were about 5 – in the afternoon), I was miserably taking the bus from the house to work. Over an hour commute, because both of our cars were down. But, BUT! now we’re a two car family again! Justin’s the best auto mechanic around!!!

Kids, it’s cold this week. I took a photo of the bank sign on my way to work this morning and it was negative 7. Normally at that time it would be five, ten or 25 degrees. Not today. Negative 7 everyone. At 9am. Apparently, this is the coldest and crappiest winter Minnesota’s seen in decades. I love the drama they put into it. Whatever. It’s cold. Bundle up. Stay inside. Who cares.

I finally ordered some winter boots. I don’t know why it took me so long, but I can’t wait til they show up. Hopefully they’ll fit since I ordered them online. Some say your feet grow a size when you’re pregnant. Is this true? If so, do they stay that way afterward?

So besides the unbearable cold weather I live in (and the drivers who can’t drive on ice), what else is going on? We close on the house in 2 weeks. Since we sold most of our furniture and electronics in Las Vegas and everything we own is in a 10×10 storage unit, we’ll be doing a lot of shopping. But first, we have to pick out paint colors again.

(This reminds me: Mike, I lived in a 300 sq. foot basement apartment in SLC. It was perfect for one person. It was easy to maintain and simple furnish. Once Justin moved in, it became a little cramped; lack of storage space. I’d love to downsize again, but not with baby on the way.)

Can anyone recommend a good place to find dog winter booties? The stores can’t seem to keep them in stock here and Scully REALLY needs a pair.


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