The Craftyness Continues

I was driving to school when I first heard about it. My infant and maternal nutrition instructor said, “don’t worry about what’s going on, I’m sure it was an accident.” Accident my ass lady.

Justin and I are so sad with our running. Justin is fast and I’m slow as usual. We only ran 2km yesterday. Seriously nothing compared to what we were doing a year ago at this time. But our goal is only 5km so I shouldn’t feel so bad. At least I’m running again.

I’m working on 2 projects but I keep putting them down when I get frustrated. One is Amy Butler’s Kimberly Bag and the other is a pair of pants. The pants are called “Amazing Fit” so far, they are close. Surprisingly I haven’t had really any problems it’s just a little time consuming when I’m trying to make them look really good. The fabric color I picked isn’t the best on me so I’m not sure I’ll wear them a lot.

I’m altering the Amy Butler bag a bit. I want the handles longer and I don’t want the bag 18″ long. I shortened it down to 16″ and I’m omitting the zipper. The fabric I picked is suede so hopefully it’ll cooperate. I picked up the pattern at Crafty Planet. I finally went there on Saturday with Justin. He thought it was a cool place and ended up picking a magazine for himself.

Ike is heading towards home. My parents live in one of the mandatory evacuation areas. After all the years living there, I think I’ve only lived through 2 hurricane’s, and even then they were very weak. Let’s hope this one is weak too.


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