St. Paul Skyway

I’m pretty sure I’ll be praising the skyway during the winter but I’m going to praise it now. I love it. I can get to most places in downtown St. Paul without having to walk for blocks outside (you’ll still have to walk outside depending on where you’re going). Instead I’m like a little rat in a maze.

I just walked through 11 buildings to get to Chipotle. That’s 22 buildings round trip! That must be like 8 miles or something! I think I earned it by walking so far to get my steak burrito with none of that sick rice they put in it.

As I walked through each skyway, I looked at the building I was going to, it was only 4 or 5 buildings away. It was probably faster to walk out on the street. But I’m walking in A/C – well most of the buildings had their A/C on. Plus it’s quiet and carpeted and easy on the feet.

I’ll have to write more about it when I know where everything is and how to get there. But for now, it rocks.

So far the bus does too. There are a few days where youngsters get on and annoy the crap out of me. (When did I get old?) But for the most part, it goes where I need to, it’s usually on time and it’s cheaper than driving into the city and paying for parking. I’m not sure how winter riding will be (anyone done it before?) but I’m willing to try.

Speaking of youngsters annoying me and me getting old, when I was in Rockford last weekend there was a national soccer tournament in town. All the hotels had soccer players staying at them. I know this because they were kicking the soccer ball on the wall and floor in the room above me. It was VERY annoying especially when you drove all night to get there and just wanted to sleep a little. The old lady that I am now, I called the front desk to complain. They didn’t stop, so I got up. Little jerks.

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