Randomness from Jessi

I’ve had my cell phone for 4 years (or close to it). It still works so I seen no use getting another one. But Justin needs a phone so he’s adopting mine and I got a new one! So, if you want our new numbers, email me.

Justin has 2 more days at work. I’m sure he’s excited to leave and be a stay-at-home-dog-watcher. Scully will love him for that.

House hunting is still in full swing. It doesn’t help when you do find a house you like and someone who hasn’t seen it decides it’s too close to where he grew up. So I’ll keep looking.

(this post is full of randomness, keep reading if you want to)

I’ve got new wrinkles around my eyes. But the best part about them (if there is any), they only show up when I smile or laugh. That leads me to believe that my 30 years of smiling and laughing is a good way to make wrinkles.

I put on lotion this morning that I haven’t worn since our round-the-world trip. It reminds me of Bangkok. I’d love to go back. I still can’t believe that I flew over the biggest body of water for a wedding. Now I know that when something is 400 baht, just buy it. It’s only $12! (roughly)

Since airfare is so expensive right now, Justin and I might be missing DCI finals for the first time in years. The dumb thing: we already bought airfare to Indy…from Las Vegas. Lucky us, South West Airlines doesn’t fly from MSP at all. We suck and so does everything that’s going on with fuel costs. Update: I found a reasonable flight. Now I don’t have to spend $1,000 to go to Indy!

Can someone tell me what “Change” Obama is talking about? Just wondering. Because I know the obvious change: A new president.


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