Whirlwind Weekend

It’s been crazy busy these past few days. I guess that’s good right? We reorganized the office by removing a desk and leaving only one monitor with two computers attached (super secret technology from Justin. Just kidding, the computers are on a switcher so we both can use the monitor just not at the same time). So the office actually looks like a nice room now.

With all that moving around and taking things out, we dropped it all off at the DI including all the stuff I cleaned out from my sewing closet. I don’t have anyone here who sews so I just donated 2 bags full of nice fabric and some used patterns (all had pieces, I don’t donate crap). I also found a bunch of patterns I just have no use for so I returned them to JoAnn’s. But I couldn’t find any receipts so I got a gift card instead of cash. $85 worth of patterns!!! I couldn’t believe it! So I promised myself not to turn around and buy more fabric and patterns until I’ve used up what’s left in the closet. I’m going to work on this one next. Seems easy and useful so it should be fun.

Justin, Todd and I saw Iron Man on Saturday. Please, go see it. It’s awesome, sexy, fun, thrilling, amazing, the best movie of the summer. That’s all we’ve been talking about since Saturday!

Sunday I went to the day spa. I got a gift certificate from my company a while back for a big project I completed so I finally used it. Massage, manicure, pedicure and waxing (eyebrows kids, nothing else). I didn’t spend a dime so that was nice.

Last, my friend had her baby. Every time I look at the photo, I see her in his face. He’s just so cute! Congratulations Elsa and Frank!


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