It’s Friday…Again

This is the second Friday in a row where I’ve woken up and asked “is it Saturday?” to Justin, myself or Scully, who never answers. But the answer I always get is “no”. I need it to be Saturday all the time.

Yesterday we were over an hour late to work due to an accident on an already congested freeway. But so was half my company who live on my side of town.

But the day ended better than it started with me finishing our taxes. I know I’m strange but I do enjoy tasks like that especially when I’m getting money back. But then I get angry because that’s how much extra the government is taking out of our paychecks throughout the year. Whatever Spent & Approved War-Spending – About $600 billion of US taxpayers’ funds.

So the loan we gave the government will be coming back to us and bikes are on our list. Justin’s really excited about getting a bike. It hasn’t taken over his yo-yo obsession but I’m hoping for an equal split of obsession.

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