I knew he had it in him

It’s amazing what one can do in 2.5 hours. Since the run I’ve been lazy. I’ll admit it. But last night, I got home from work and cleaned my house. Not because we have company this weekend (well, mostly) but because things had been driving me nuts!

Actually what kicked it off was Justin. He’s not the type to initiate cleaning but on Tuesday (sick day, and he was really sick), he organized the pantry! Guess he knew how annoyed I was about it. Or it could be the fact that he was sick of me buying canned vegetarian refried beans thinking we were low. (I tend to go through 2 cans a week.)

Either way, when I came home and saw him organizing the cupboards next to the fridge, I was shocked. He didn’t say anything except, “I’m making my way around the kitchen.” Naturally I thought he just started. But when I opened the pantry to get items out for dinner I was floored! He told me what shelf was what and where to find things. Oh, and we don’t need anymore chicken and beef broth (a staple in my mind and you can never have too many) or refried beans. I just laughed and secretly thought I could easily fit 2 more cans in there.

I was so happy he started something without me asking! I knew he had it in him.

He didn’t finish his project but we had plans to finish it last night. The plan was to hit up the British store and get some malteasers for his ice cream, go home and finish organizing the kitchen cupboards. Once we started, I couldn’t stop. He stopped to make ice cream but I kept going. I figured if I gave myself until 8pm then I could relax. And that’s what I did.

His little act of kindness/annoyance/boredom or whatever he was feeling made me happy. Maybe all the organizing shows I watch got through to him. Either way, I knew he had it in him.


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