Red Robin Why Do You Hate Us?

You’re a chain restaurant, why don’t you publish your nutritionals? Don’t you know people want to make informed decisions about what they eat before they eat it?

We are going there tonight with some friends. Normally I love that place, but since I’ve totally re-done the way I eat, my big blue cheese burger won’t be in my tummy tonight. I’m sad, but happy to know ahead of time that I won’t make myself sick by eating an f***ing amount of calories and fat thanks to Red Robin’s lack of social awareness. Don’t they know there’s an epidemic of OBESE Americans?

The safest thing I can see on their menu is a simple salad (very simple) or a grilled chicken sandwich (plain). Which are fine for me but when I see everyone else enjoying their gigantic burger, I’m going to hate Red Robin even more.

Maybe one day I’ll be able to eat it as a special treat for that year. Because the amount of calories I can only assume it would be my quota for at least 2 weeks. Sick.

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