It Started Bad, I Should Have Known

The only good thing was Justin coming home from another trip to Kansas City. Work started off crappy with my crappy latte made from crappy coffee instead of espresso. It was like their espresso machine was down. Jerks! I’ve already complained to Starbucks once this year. Gotta wait a while.

I love getting yelled at first thing when I sat down at my desk (with a crappy headache by the way). Although it wasn’t my fault, I still got the brunt of it. Jerks!

My plain chicken sandwich wasn’t plain. It was filled with crappy cheese and bacon. Plain means plain jerks!

I was too exhausted to go to the gym. I’m a jerk.

I went to the grocery store instead. Walking out I notice someone hit my Silly Car! The baby blue paint now has f-ing white paint scratches along with a dent. It apparently happened a while ago because I don’t park next to a white car at work and the car next to me at the store was green.

If it was someone at work: I hate you forever for not notifying me. Everyone knows the Silly Car is mine!

If it was someone who doesn’t know me: I hate you even more for not having the balls to leave a note. I hope you eat a can of bad peaches and get botulism.


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