Early Birthday Gifts

My birthday came a day early for various reasons. My friend Elsa is coming out to see me! Actually her 30th birthday is today so it’s just by chance. But I like to think that it’s all for me.

I haven’t seen her since her wedding like 4 years ago!

Actually the best part about today is Justin bought me my first Serger! He’s been hounding me to pick one out and I’ve learned that you can’t ask people about their machines. Everyone has an opinion.

“I love mine”
“Our brand is the best”
“That other brand blows”
“It’s a pain to thread”

Technically they are all a pain to thread so that’s a cop-out. But it gets even better! I got a machine with a cover stitch. What’s that you say? I have no idea but I wanted it!

Just kidding. A coverstitch is usually seen in ready-to-wear clothes. It’s a pretty sweet stitch.

He got me the Singer Quantumlock Serger:

I can’t do anything until I read the manual and actually thread it. But I think it should be fun learning how to use it.

Plenty of projects in line for this.


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