My First Premier Party

Party planning apparently is my gig at work. I’m not sure it was in my offer letter or discussed in my interview, but somehow I’ve become the office party planner. Birthdays, coworkers leaving and now the biggest so far…our grand opening.

It’s actually pretty easy. My one stress factor is food. Will people eat it? How many will complain about it? Will it arrive on time. Was it under budget? And will it be good? Seriously, all parties revolve around the food. It makes or breaks the party. So far I’ve been lucky. Phew!

So going back to my party planning, I’m working on our big grand opening. Actually, it’s more like, we are moving into a new location. It’s downstairs. Not far to move and I don’t need to hire valet. Everyone’s already here. Phew again! I’m catering it from a great restaurant, bringing in a bartender for all of us boozers, and going with a theme to match our situation: “Opening Night!” More like, “Opening Afternoon!” But people won’t care it’s between 3 and 5pm. They’ll be looking for the food and bar.

Red carpet, velvet ropes (like the ones in a movie theater) and spot lights (desk lamps hidden behind plants) will give this party some character and play up on the theme. Justin suggested I get our Marketing dude to walk around like Paparazzi and take photos. Not a bad idea Justin, thanks!

Like any premier on a Thursday afternoon, the important people will be making an appearance. So it’s necessary to treat them like royalty. Specialty beer is on the “must have” list. That’s about it for them. Actually all of our people, the important ones too, are very friendly and easy going. But you’ve gotta have the beer or they’ll turn into Naomi Campbell. Just kidding Ms. Campbell, I’m sure you didn’t deserve to be arrested.

So when this is all said and done, it should be a great party and I shall be the *new* party planner. I might even have a beer or a glass of wine. But gotta keep it to one or two or we’ll go over budget and I don’t need the paparazzi all over me with captions, “Booze-hound party planner goes overboard at Premier!” That can’t be good for my reputation.


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