Don’t Make Me Cringe

As some of you may know, I’m not the worlds best speller. I know, it’s a shock. However, I feel like such a slacker when I use the spell checker tool. It makes it so easy to never even know you made a mistake. For example: I could spell a word such as “their,” but I might not be using it correctly. Spell check doesn’t pick it up, I have to. Since I don’t really like to use spell check, I try not to misspell words.

I don’t think that other people are conscious of what they are spelling. Recently, Writinggal got all pissy over “y’all,” today I’m getting pissy over the word “a lot.” Friends! You’re killing me with this word! I have told myself many times to just get over it and deal with it. But when people with advance education are spelling it wrong “alot,” I cringe. CRINGE!

Seriously, if you are not going to use spell checker and spell words like “Vacuum” and “Conscious” correctly (and good for you if you can) but not spell “a lot” correctly, then you deserve to hear my rant. It is 2 separate words, DO NOT write it as one!

“You look like you’ve lost a lot of weight.”
It’s not:
“You look like you’ve lost alot of weight.”

I will stop reading whatever I’m reading if I see that word spelled wrong. So a warning to you; you might lose me if you can’t spell:

a lot
a lot
a lot
a lot


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