Where Are You Going?

Do you take the bus? Tell me how it is. Do you have odd people riding along side of you? How is the bus stop experience overall? I’m curious because I pass many bus stops on my way to and from work. I notice them more on my way to work because of the various people waiting. Where are they going? To work? To the doctor’s? Gamble their paycheck away? Tell me!

This one stop I pass I just love because of the different people waiting. Oh, it could be the flute player serenading the other passengers waiting for the bus. He’s really into it but the other people didn’t seem to notice him or hear him– which I find difficult to believe! He’s was probably playing his latest version of Play That Funky Music because he was getting down. I bet he was hoping some people would join in and start dancing. I wonder, did he play on the bus too? Did he take requests? I’d ask for some Duran Duran or even better on flute, Crocodile Rock by Elton John. Classic flute music!

Or it could be the girl guzzling down her Corona before the bus pulls up. You can drink pretty much everywhere here in Vegas–I thought the bus would be no different! Maybe she got kicked off the last bus and left at that stop because of her beer. Who knows. She did look sad. But the stop is right in front of a gas station. So if she was sad because she was almost done with her beer then she had no excuses but to just walk in and buy another one!

What about the teenage couple making out and taking up the whole bench while 7 other people are waiting around, shifting uncomfortably and completely grossed out by the scene? I see them do this all the time. I wonder where they are going. It’s almost like they will never see each other again by the way they are sucking face but I see them everyday so that can’t be it. Maybe they are like The Hollie’s song Bus Stop.

“Every morning I would see her waiting at the stop
Sometimes she’d shopped and she would show me what she bought
Other people stared as if we were both quite insane
Someday my name and hers are going to be the same”

The insane part is right. She could have just bought a new tongue ring and they were trying it out. Perhaps the bus stop is a romantic place for them because that’s where they met? Ok, that’s stretching it a bit too far huh?

The rest of the bus stop people are pretty normal. They just want to get to work or wherever they are going. I hope you get there riders! Maybe tomorrow I’ll see the flute player serenading the young kissing couple while the beer drinker sobers up. That would make my day.


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