Marlo at 14 Months

Oooh boy. You are tons of fun right now. We’ve had to bring the baby-gate out from storage since you are very mobile now. You scoot into Jules’ room and since he doesn’t clean up all the little things (re: Legos) we have to shut his door. You are into everything right now too. You’ll read more »

Marlo at 13 Months

At thirteen months you started growing 3 top teeth at the same time! You’ve been a bit crabbier than normal but that’s probably the reason. You like to feed yourself and slap the spoon away when I aim it toward your mouth. So I give it to you and you’re excited to try it yourself. read more »

Cabin 2014

We had a couple of firsts at the cabin this year. First, Marlo sat in sand and decided you must eat what you sit on. She ate sand and loved it. Next, since I was with the previous generation (re: my in-laws and their friends) they were making manhattans. And since I’m on a Mad read more »

Changing Things Up

After Marlo was born, the idea of me being home with the kids kept creeping into my head. I enjoy making money and supporting my family and to make a decision like that wasn’t something I took lightly. “Could I deal with kids 24/7?” I’d constantly ask. But the real question I was asking myself read more »

Marlo at 12 Months

1 Year! We survived! You’ve gone from our tiny, sweet newborn to our even sweeter, not quite toddler. You don’t crawl yet and we don’t stress over it. You do, however, scoot and twist around to get where you want to go. You do tummy time still just to get some crawling practice in but read more »

End of the Road

We’ve had many ups and downs with Scully. Ever since she was diagnosed with a grade 3 mast cell tumor (that inevitably spread), life’s been a constant question of “is it time?” I’ve had to ask myself that many times with her. She’ll get really sick and then bounce back a couple days later. We read more »

Marlo at 11 Months

Little sister, where has the time gone?! In a few short weeks you’ll be 1. One! Looking back, you’ve been the easiest, most sweetest baby even when you’re face-slapping. I’ve only had to tell you NO twice. Both times when you bit me. And both times you did the slow cry with the pouty lower read more »