The Elusive Cinnamon Roll

I love cinnamon rolls. I prefer homemade vs. the canned version. And who doesn’t? They are bigger, softer and just plain yummy. Before I was married, and living with my grandparents, my Grandma was watching some daytime talk show – as she did everyday – and on it was Sandra Lee from Semi-Homemade¬†Cooking. (Side note, read more »

Marlo at 20 Months

Christmas! You loved opening presents. But before we could, we had to feed you. You, Jules and dad have to eat the second you get out of bed. Totally annoying on Christmas morning, but we made it work. So to keep you occupied, we opened one of your gifts, a little people house. That kept read more »

A Defiant 5 Year Old

I want to assume we aren’t the only ones going through this. Our 5-year-old has really pushed the limits of our parenting, challenging us and causing us to go, “how the heck do we handle this?” I’ve been told this is a sample of how they’ll be in their teenage years but I don’t believe read more »

Marlo at 19 Months

This month we drove to Texas for Thanksgiving. You did ok on the drive but after a couple hours, you were done. You and Jules made each other laugh and scream and you cried to watch Elmo for the 4th time. You were actually pretty good when a movie was on. We took plenty of read more »

Marlo at 18 Months

Your hops are now legendary. And you’ve finally taken your first, second and even third steps. But you still prefer to scoot/hop. You have a few new words: bow, no, yes, hat, shoes, socks, Elmo, up, snack (which is really “nack”) and bus. Your new signs are car and yogurt. You want a bath after read more »

Marlo at 17 Months

Let’s start with the fun stuff (isn’t it all fun, really?). You talk. All.the.time. Your words are: Mama, dada, light, hot, night-night, choo-choo, no, hi, bye, more, cheese, eat, ball, shoes and I’m sure I’m forgetting one or two. You say more words than Jules did at this age. I assume it’s because you’re a read more »

Racquetball is Not Tennis

Did I mention I’m taking tennis lessons? This was my attempt at saying, “suck it junior high tennis coach, I’ll show you I can play tennis!” because yeah, I tried out for the team and clearly couldn’t play. (20+ years later and getting my revenge!) Tennis is big on my mom’s side of the family read more »